Back to work

Its been five months since my bladder removal, and I think Im finally starting to get into a groove. I am now getting back into the swing of things, and my blog will become active again. The “war on drugs” continues to get worse, as our DEA is coming out with NEW restrictions at the beginning of the year. MORE restrictions. Chronic pain patients are in danger because of the constant barrage of ever tightening, harder to fulfill demands that the government has set up for us. They are in fact setting us up to fail. So please keep your eye out for new posts. Share and post my blog in any places you feel may benefit. We need to gather support. WE SHALL BE HEARD

The Final Journey 

It has been 45 days since my bladder was removed. I am going to start journaling what happened along the way. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I have been taking notes all along the way. I just knew I wouldn’t be able to write being in so much pain. It was much more painful than I thought. As I go please please ask questions. Leave them here or email/PM through Facebook or whatever method you prefer. I am doing this for you. I will never forget even one minute of this journey. I want to be able to teach anyone who is considering removal, any family member who is curious of the various stages of IC, and what happens when end stage becomes the final journey of IC. I want to raise awareness, evoke compassion and support for those who are suffering in ANY stage of IC. Whether you’re in End stage, or are just experiencing a small offering of what IC is about. So my friends, this is for you ❤️

The day before ‘THE Day’

Tomorrow at 7:30am starts my journey to a healthier me. Even though I’ve been wanting this for 6 months, it still seems like a dream. Removing ones bladder is a very serious decision and doesn’t come lightly. To say the least I am scared. Scared of the pain from surgery and scared of the unknown. Something I’ve done without thought for 35 years is now suddenly dramatically changing. The last two years pee is all I’ve thought about. Educating myself on what’s going on, and trying to spread that knowledge to anyone who might need it. I’m not a nurse or a doctor, and my advice is simply that. Advice given from a patient who has seen it all at a very accelerated rate. I went from just fine, to severe IC in a matter of months. The precipitating factor in my disease was being rear ended by a fully loaded down semi. I was fine before that. I had completely healed from my second neck surgery, and had never had any urinary problems until this. Once I was rear ended things went downhill fast. I took myself to the ER several hours after the accident and was diagnosed with a left shoulder hairline fracture at the clavicle (where my seatbelt was) neck changes at C7, whiplash, and unexplained abdominal pain, right over where the seatbelt wrapped around my pelvis. I ended up in the ER and then admitted a week later for ischemic colitis. That semi really did a number on me. 

So, cheers my friends, as I down this gallon of bowel prep. Thank you all so very Much for your words of support. They mean the world to me.  


Are you one of them?

The national pain report just published a new story on our pain medicine epidemic. The DEA, FDA, and government all want to end drug addiction, but at the price of chronic pain patients.  Are you one of the millions suffering at the hands of the current war on pain medicine?

Here is an exerpt of the story, followed by a link

“Dr. Richard Radnovich, a nationally known pain medicine specialist from Boise, Idaho said, “The problem is that we have blurred the lines between 2 distinct problems: chronic pain treatment and substance abuse. The DEA is concerned with the latter. Medical providers just need to do a good job with the former: that is, show that they are using opioids for a legitimate medical purpose; and provide adequate medical care and supervision.”

If you or someone you know is suffering please take a moment to tell us your story. As a long time chronic pain sufferer and soon to be IC survivor via bladder removal, I have made it my life’s work to advocate for our nation. We as chronic pain patients are disappearing into the cracks of the war on pain medicine and are suffering greatly. So share these links, tell any and everyone you know. The more voices that join the fight, the louder and more clearly we will be heard.

Do No Harm

Steve is out of pain medication and cannot get more. He just had a very intense invasive surgery. Not only do long term chronic pain patients get punished, but so do those who have acute pain due to surgeries, injuries, etc. this can NOT go on. ❤️sign the petition. Write your senator. The DEA has gone too far, and our nation suffers for it. 

IC Friendly foods. 

I’ve been on a very strict IC diet for over a year now. Steve, my husband, is an amazing cook. We have often talked about how wonderful it would be to run/own a restaurant. Anyway, he cooks our meals, and has prepared some very very tasty stuff that is IC friendly. Completely. I have the most sensitive to foods bladder that I know of, so unless you have a particular trigger, you can be assured that these dishes are completely safe. I’ve decided that barring life’s difficulties getting in the way, we will post one food item per week of safe, healthy IC friendly meals. My goal is to ultimately put together a cookbook and offer to the public. I want to donate a considerable amount to IC research. So, all I ask is if you use a recipe from my blog, please give us credit, and link back to my blog. 

My first recipe isn’t so much of a recipe but a snack idea. Justin’s Maple Allmond butter with sea salt. It is both sweet and salty with that wonderful nutty flavor. This completely replaces peanut butter for me. It’s atop organic home-made honey oat bread. Try it out and let me know what you think of it!